Membership & Stewartship

Christian Stewardship is not about simply paying dues. It is not a sense of obligation or a club membership. Christian Stewardship is a response of worship in giving back a portion of the gifts God has given us. In love we return His blessings back to Him; knowing full well that He will always provide when we put our trust in Him.

We are reminded that God is our sole provider. God is the One that provided for Abraham, sparing the sacrifice of his son Isaac, by supplying a ram for the offering. Being the King of all creation, Our Heavenly Father lovingly withholds nothing from us.

God's ability to utilize and multiply His gifts are not limited by human conceptions, and it should be known that He desires a sacrifice of praise before all else. We are called to love our parish and make it our spiritual home.

Stewardship can also mean rendering one's time to the parish. Often we think of a tithe or an offering as only a portion of our monetary income, but that could not be farther from truth. God desires much more of us as His children. He desires us to serve Him with all of our gifts and our talents. Volunteering our time for the Greek Festival, our various local, national and international ministries or upkeep of the church are all excellent examples of worship in action.

Making a pledge is encouraged for members. We give from our wealth, and also from our poverty and we should be as faithful to Christ as He is to His bride: the Church. God desires a cheerful giver who above all else gives out of adoration. When one gives discreetly amongst people, they have their reward with God. 

Ways to contribute to our Church.

Please note: Payments from parishioners are considered stewardship/pledge (this pays for Father and clergy costs). If you wish it to be for something else, please indicate that with your payment (i.e. “$50 stewardship and $50 Easter donation”, “Memorial for…”, etc.).

Paper Check:

  1. Make payable to “St Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church”
  2. Mail to P.O. Box 343, Corpus Christi, TX 78403

Auto-bank check and ACH e-pay:

Several parishioners already do free auto-check. Each month, their bank automatically deducts a fixed amount from their bank account and sends a check to the Church’s PO box. Your bank’s customer service has instructions. A similar option is ACH, where the parishioner’s bank transfers a dollar amount from the parishioner’s bank account directly into the Church’s bank account; however, this one usually has a fee.

Church’s website using your Credit/Debit card or your Paypal account:

  1. Go to the parish website at
  2. Click the “Donate” button (under the events calendar)
  3. You’ll be redirected to Paypal
  4. Fill in a dollar amount
  5. Click “make this a monthly donation” if you want this transaction to happen each month
  6. Select one of the two methods:
    1. Paypal: click on “Donate with Paypal” to contribute using your Paypal account. You will be asked to log into your Paypal account to complete the transaction. Enter a note if you want to specify what the payment is for (Stewardship, tray, memorial donation, Easter donation, etc.)
    2. Debit or Credit Card: Click on “Donate with a debit or credit card”. Click on “write a note (Optional)” if you want to designate all or part of your donation for something other than stewardship.


If you want to give cash, please place the cash in an envelope, write the name of the family unit(s) on the outside (and how much is for each family), seal, and place the envelope in the Church’s mail slot on the front door of the Church offices located beyond the double gates to the right of the Church’s front doors. Father John or a Parish Council member will secure it until the Treasurer gets it.

Thank you!





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